Online panel in December 14th at 6 pm.

Event by Asociace profesionálních fotografů ČR :

“Panel discussion deconstructing the one of the strangest story of contemporary photography. Story of an author, rather an artist than a photographer, who was brought up to the center of attention more than decade ago.
Miroslav Tichý one shone as a world-class artist, yet rarely even leaving the outskirts of a small Moravian town of Kyjov.
We invited critics, curators and a documentarist who were in contact with Mr Tichý during that time. We’ll attempt to shine some light on the emergence of the legend, its origins, and of course its relevance to contemporary art scene.

Marc Lenot – writer and critic who dealt with the title problem in his texts. Experimental photography theorist.
Pavel Vančát – publicist, translator and curator. Member of the editorial board of Fotograf magazine.
Nataša von Kopp – documentary filmmaker, author of the film about M.T. Worldstar (2007)
Thomas Schirmböck – curator, until recently led the Zephyr gallery”