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  • Slamdance!

    Again on the road, me and Sarah, the editor. This time we were in Park City at the Slamdance Filmfestival. We came back with many interesting experiences and like many others with a very nasty cold. If somebody tells you Park City is a cold spot, you better believe it!

  • Next Screenings

    In Stuttgart, the 8th December at 3 p.m., Kino EM (Bolzstr. 3-5), Filmschau Baden-Württemberg Love to see you there In Den Haag, the 9th fo December at 3 p.m., Sichting Ruimtevaart (Korte Houstraat 3 / 070-364477) Unfortunately can’t be there

  • Trailer — Have a look!

  • The beginning and the film

    Miroslav Tichý lived like a hermite for decades in a small town in Moravia surrounded just by a few friends. Now in his old age he has to face the fame. “They should have come earlier, now it’s too late, I don’t want this.” he says. In the art world, meanwhile, he is presented as […]